Before and After Photos

Natural-Looking Crown and Fillings

In the left photo, you see old metal fillings that are "leaking"...cavities have formed around them and in-between the teeth.  

In the photo on the right are the same teeth,restored beautifully by Dr. Chenault with a crown and tooth-colored fillings!

Smile Reconstruction

Changing Artificial to Life-Like
(mouse over the photos below for details)

From "Gram" to "Glam"

The Choice is Yours

Remember the saying:  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"?  Dr. Chenault listens to her patients' needs, wants, and desires.  This patient's only concerns were to straighten her four front teeth and make her gumline more even without the benefit of braces.  She wanted her new restorations to mimic the characteristic natural, speckled coloring of her teeth.  Dr. Chenault worked closely with a trusted periodontist (gum specialist) and highly-skilled dental ceramist to create the exact result that the patient envisioned.

Whitening + Fixing Worn Edges=
Youthful Smile Rejuvenation

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